Norwest Automotive - quality auto care
We specialize in...
  • computerized diagnostics
  • custom exhaust repair & replacement
  • professional automotive welding
  • all brake repairs (ABS included)

What others have said...
"Fantastic service and pricing  I've been using Norwest for all of my automotive needs since they opened shop in Somerset. They are always accommodating and most important, they are honest. They have in fact talked me out of doing things that I didn't need to do on more than one occasion. I fully recommend them to anyone that needs service."
Steve from Somerset, MA

"Norwest provides great service.  They explained to me what was wrong with my car and then fixed it right the first time! Top-notch service, honesty and no headaches! I highly recommend Norwest to my family and friends!"
Matt from Somerset, MA

"I've had work done at Norwest a handful of times and each and every experience has been positive. You get first rate mechanical work done right the first time at what I feel are below average fees. You also never feel that you are getting unnecessary work done because they explain exactly what is going on to those who don't understand cars (myself being a prime example).  I highly recommend them!"
Don from Fall River, MA

Norwest Automotive Inc. - 1119 County Street - Somerset, MA
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